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Wisconsin women's hockey: Meet a new Badger, Megan Miller

The junior goalie transferred from Boston College in the offseason.

In addition to a highly touted incoming freshman class, the Wisconsin Badgers picked up a big addition to the roster this summer when it was announced goalie Megan Miller would be transferring to UW from Boston College.

Miller shared goaltending duties for the Eagles over the past two seasons and based on the rumors and fan discussion, the transfer came as a surprise.

The Badgers have sophomore Ann-Renée Desbiens as the heir presumptive to Alex Rigsby, who graduated. However, between Desbiens' commitments to Team Canada and the fact that UW has seen its goaltenders lose at least a few games to injury in the past few seasons, it is likely Wisconsin will need more than Desbiens between the pipes. In a season where Rigsby took over many top slots in the Badger record books, Desbiens still started 11 games, enough to qualify her to become the WCHA goaltending champion.

With that in mind, Miller chose to transfer to Wisconsin. Desbiens and four other Badgers are participating in Team Canada's fall festival, so Miller will get her first ice time during the first series of the season against Lindenwood this weekend.

Miller answered a few questions about her decision to transfer, the transition to a new school and coming to school with her brother:

On the transfer:

I think what it came down to was I knew on the inside I wasn’t happy where I was and decided that a change would be necessary and I think coming from that I don’t necessarily want to look back, I just only want to look forward. My brother goes to school (at Wisconsin), and I came and visited him a couple of times in previous summers and really liked it, and so when the opportunity presented itself, I thought it would be a good fit for me and kind of jumped in with all my feet and here I am and I’m really happy about the decision that I made. I certainly don’t regret it at all. I’ve loved every second of being here. I love the team. I love the coaching staff. I love the atmosphere of Madison. So basically I’m really happy with the decision I ended up making and I think that it’s just best to not look back and only look forward.

On playing time:

I think that if you’re in a situation where you’re not 100 percent happy, that you’re willing to kind of risk a little bit for greater reward. I think that the competition here is very good, very competitive and I’m just hoping to work as hard as I can and put myself in a position when I can as much as I can. Obviously my goal is to be able to play. So I think that at this point it just comes down to the opportunity is in front of me, I just need to grab it. I was willing to risk that for a happier overall atmosphere.

On getting ice time right away while Desbiens is with Team Canada:

I’m honestly thrilled about it. I think it’s a great opportunity for (me). And I think that the longer that you wait, the more anxious you get so I think it will be great for me to get my feet wet right away and I’m excited about it. I can’t wait for this weekend.

On coming closer to home, going to school with her brother, men’s hockey goalie Adam:

It certainly was a factor, it wouldn’t say it was a huge factor. I kind of think of it as icing on the cake. Since I’ve been here. I think there’s been maybe three or four days that I haven’t seen my brother, even if it’s just for ten minutes where we’ll stop and catch up, which is really nice for us, we were really close growing up. With the hockey world, for the past for five or six years it’s been we see each other for five days at Christmas and maybe a total of twelve days at summer. So it’s really nice to have that.

On Adam’s influence on her becoming a goalie:

I was watching him at a goalie camp and apparently I looked at my mom and told her she was unfair. My mom was so confused, she was like "what are you talking about?" And I was like "I want to do that" so she was like "ok" so she talked to the person who was running the camp that my brother was at and he was like "yeah, if she has equipment, she can come out and try it" so I grabbed all my brother’s old stuff and went out and tried it and ever since then there was not really any turning back. My dad was a defenseman so for awhile I kind of switched back and forth between goalie and defense and then obviously goalie won out.

On sharing the goalie bond with Adam:

That’s one thing that I think has been a reason why my brother and I are so close is because it’s something we talk about all the time, even when I was in Boston and he was here, after every game we would talk because it’s someone who understands and can hold you accountable but still you can tell them how you’re really feeling and they can appreciate it.

On being a transfer student athlete:

At first I was overwhelmed, but I think every single day I’ve gotten more and more comfortable just knowing … because I think every day there’s more reassurance that I made the right decision. I try not to compare the two experiences. They’re totally different and one was a great experience and this one’s a great experience and so I’m fortunate to have two great experiences.