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Wisconsin Women's Hockey: Meet a new Badger, Lauren Williams

The Windsor, Canada freshman is eager to get on the ice

Lauren Williams knows she's not one of the highly touted, well known names of this incoming class. She finds that both a little daunting and a little encouraging. While you might not have known her name before the season started, she plans to make sure you remember it well after it has ended. She figures she was recruited the same as every other girl on the squad and she takes confidence in that.

It was a just a short interview, but Williams left the impression that she isn't to be overlooked. The Badgers are short on defensive pairings this season, so she should see ice time. There's a passion and earnestness in her that doesn't necessarily come across in the transcribed interview, but are crystal clear in the audio. She's excited to be playing for Wisconsin, knows what an opportunity it is and is keen to get started soaking in every bit of it she can.

On being the least "well known" member of the incoming class:

It's a little intimidating, it is. I worked my butt off this summer and I knew what I was getting myself into and obviously there's something that the coaches see and I'm just going off that. I'm going to give 120% like I always do and I think things will work out.

On finding her place with the incoming class that mostly knew each other:

Our class is amazing. We're all really, really nice people. I was nervous about that, too, because I'm this kid from Windsor that no one knows. It's been a blast so far. I love it. Every single minute of it.

On the transition to college:

I lived away from home for a year and a half, I lived four hours away from home because I was playing for a team up in Toronto and that has really, really helped with the transition, so I haven't been too overwhelmed yet. Dealing with it hasn't been horrible. I've had one I breakdown, but it hasn't been too crazy. I've just really enjoyed it. I'm just enjoying going to school, which is refreshing. I love coming here (LaBahn) every day, it's always a nice break. Yeah, I've got no complaints right now.

To learn as much as I can from the girls that are in the U-22 programs and the girls that are seniors here that know how this league functions and know what you have to do to stay on top because all these girls right now are on top. This could be a great year and I just want to soak in as much as I can so that I can build on it for the future.

Describe yourself as a player:

I am a gritty, gritty player. I've always been - because I'm big - I've always been that person that's been able to push someone off the puck and I think that you're really going to look for my physical game. On penalty kills or just regular play on our end, I'm always kind of that girl that's shoving people around. I've got some speed, but I'm not much of an offensive defenseman per se, I'm really defensive and I take care of my end.

Scout one of the offensive players in your class:

I'm going to have to go with Annie because I've played against her a few times. Oh my gosh she's so smart with the puck. She sneaks up on you all the time. When you're playing her one-on-one, you think you've got her and you just don't. She dangles around everybody. But at the same time, when she could be selfish with the puck, she almost never is. She moves it so well. She sees the ice extremely well and I'm really looking forward to playing with her, it's going to be a lot of fun.

On the difference between Canada and the US:

The grading system is different. In Canada an 80-85 is an A-, 85-90 is an A and then 90 and above is an A+. Here the only way you're getting an A is if you have over a 93, which is like What?! That's probably been the biggest change. That and not spelling ‘colour' with a ‘U.' My English professor's already corrected me on that so many times. But yeah, other than that (the transition is) not so bad

On waiting for the season to begin:

I'm just ... I can't wait. It's going to be a great opportunity in Lindenwood because we are short. I'm going to see a lot of ice and I'm probably going to be dead tired, but I'm going to love it.