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2025 DB Remington Moss remains committed to Badgers despite the loss of Colin Hitschler

The Badgers commit got to spend time with new safeties coach Alex Grinch this weekend.

2025 defensive back Remington Moss, Wisconsin Badgers commit

The Wisconsin Badgers faced a blow to their coaching staff when co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach Colin Hitschler departed for the same role with the Alabama Crimson Tide earlier this offseason.

Hitschler’s departure left questions about the Badgers’ commits in the safety room, as Wisconsin has already landed 2025 defensive back Remington Moss alongside athletes Cody Haddad and Jaimier Scott.

Well, the Badgers’ second commit in the class, Moss, was at hand for Wisconsin’s second junior day this past weekend, where he got to experience the highly-anticipated hockey game against Minnesota and the top-ten basketball battle versus Purdue.

“It was great,” Moss said of the visit. “I love being back. A main highlight was seeing 2 high-ranked competitive sports games and talking to the coaches as well.”

It was Moss’s first in-person interaction with new safeties coach Alex Grinch, who was hired recently, filling the last void on Wisconsin’s staff.

The duo were consistently in conversation over the weekend, where they got to break down some of Moss’s film, alongside other events.

“He’s a good guy and he’s from the midwest and he's pretty straightforward,” Moss said of Grinch. “He gave me some good advice on what to work on right now which is great so I can improve more for when I get there.”

Is there any uncertainty with Moss’s commitment to Wisconsin after the departure of Hitschler? No.

In a nice gesture, Hitschler himself told Moss that the Badgers would still be a great fit even after he departed, despite being the safety’s main recruiter at Wisconsin.

“Hitch told me himself after I congratulated him that I'm in a great place, so that made me more comfortable being, here even though he recruited me first,” Moss shared.

One of the unique aspects of Wisconsin’s scouting department compared to years past is that its recruiting specialists are heavily involved with every recruit, and that has been the same with Moss.

Being one of the early commits in the Luke Fickell era, Moss has first-handedly seen how the culture at Wisconsin is different than other schools, primarily noting the desire for four-year players, rather than having to rely on the portal.

“It's different from other [schools] for one cause it's not portal heavy and he wants players that can be here for 3-5 years,” Moss shared. “I also notice that the coaching staff looks like a family and they have a history of building a great program at Cincinnati. If he could do that at Cinci, what do you think will happen in 3-4 years from now with more resources?”

The Badgers continue to remain in a good spot with Moss, who was one of the few commits on campus this past weekend.