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Inside the recruitment of Badgers top 2025 LB target Carter Appl

The Badgers are showing interest with an in-state linebacker.

The Wisconsin Badgers are showing interest in 2025 in-state linebacker Carter Appl, a native of Appleton, Wisconsin, who was recently on campus this past June.

While Appl hasn't earned an offer from Luke Fickell’s staff yet, the linebacker informed Bucky’s 5th Quarter about the coaches’ message that he’s a priority in the 2025 class for the program.

“[Initial conversations with the staff have been] great. They had me down for an unofficial visit at the end of June with the last football camp and got to talk to a lot of coaches. They invited me down to a game in October and then sent me graphics this week and a message saying I’m one of their top targets for 2025,” Appl said.

Appl has begun to build a relationship with linebackers coach Mike Tressel and the rest of the staff, which he hopes will continue on later visits.

“[My relationships with the coaches] have been pretty good and they seem interested, hoping to further grow the relationships with more visits.”

The plan currently is for Appl to come down for a game this fall on his next visit, although the specific date hasn't been finalized.

Early in the recruiting process, Appl’s standout schools are Wisconsin and North Dakota State, but the Appleton native is looking to gain exposure on the recruiting platform with a strong junior season and camping elsewhere next summer.

“As of now, [standout schools are] the Badgers and North Dakota State, but hoping to get exposure from other schools by going to more camps next summer and having a great season.”

As for personal goals, Appl is hoping to lead Xavier High School to a state title this year, while personally looking to be the leader in tackles amongst the state, while also hoping for an All-State achievement this fall.

“My main goal for the season is for our team to reach our max potential and ultimately win a state title. Individually, my goal is to lead the state in tackles for loss and sacks and to make All-State which will hopefully help us to achieve those team goals!”

The Badgers already are recruiting in-state linebacker Cooper Catalano hard, and Appl could very well be another target for the school at linebacker in the 2025 class.