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Who are the Badgers hosting on official visits this weekend?

The Badgers have another long list of recruits coming into Madison this weekend.

The Wisconsin Badgers enjoyed a strong start to June, securing four recruits after the first weekend of official visits: offensive tackle Kevin Heywood, defensive end Hank Weber, cornerback Vernon Woodward, and offensive lineman Ryan Cory.

The work isn't done, however, as the Badgers have a plethora of recruits visiting this upcoming weekend, hoping to secure a few commitments to their 2024 class.

Here’s who will be visiting Madison this weekend:

Four-star recruits(State)

OL/DE Liam Andrews(Massachusetts)

CB Omillio Agard(Pennsylvania)

Three-star recruits(State)

DL Dominic Kirks(Ohio)

OT Derek Jensen(Wisconsin: committed)

OL Ronan O’Connell(Tennessee)

OLB Thomas Heiberger(South Dakota: committed)

CB Jay Harper(Alabama)

OLB Raphael Dunn(New Jersey)

OL Colin Cubberly(New York)

RB Gideon Ituka(Maryland)

CB Lloyd Irvin(Maryland)

There are several key targets for the Badgers on campus this weekend, who are hoping to reap the benefits they saw last weekend with another strong turnout of commitments following the official visits.