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Badgers jump in the mix for 6’4 2026 TE Brock Harris

The Badgers are the latest to join the race for 2026 tight end Brock Harris

The Wisconsin Badgers have jumped in the race for 2026 tight end Brock Harris, who is the second player to be offered at the position in his class by the team.

Harris, a 6’4, 205-pound tight end from Utah, has already received 13 offers, recently attending camp at Georgia, who offered him last week.

Harris has seen significant interest from West Coast schools thus far, but the Badgers are the first Big Ten school to offer a scholarship to the 2026 tight end.

The tight end was offered by tight ends coach Nate Letton, who sought to showcase how Wisconsin’s offense would fit Harris’s game.

“It was awesome! Really nice talk with Ferrick and coach Letton, super cool people, Harris shared to Bucky’s 5th Quarter. “Coach Letton definitely demonstrated how the offense would uniquely fit my play style.”

Harris is unsure of a visit up to Madison this summer, given his schedule, but will look to fit one in if possible.

As for priorities? Harris is looking for the full package: an academically-driven school that has a good sports science program, as well as an offense that values the tight end position.

“Definitely looking for a school who utilizes the tight end position [and] academics wise, I look for a school with a good sports science program,” Harris said.

Already at 13 offers, Harris is bound to continue piling up scholarships as he matures into his later years, but the 2026 tight end seems to be an early riser on the Badgers’ boards, given that he’s only the second player that Wisconsin has offered at the position.