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Wisconsin football recruiting: Updates on Damian Alloway, Jango Glackin, new offers

It's a little bit of news, a whole lot of sleeperish projection, and there just might be a blue chip prospect the Badgers can make with the contending on at the end.

Chandler (Ariz.) defensive tackle Garrett Rand
Chandler (Ariz.) defensive tackle Garrett Rand
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Before this week's new offers, let's catch up on...

Damian Alloway: Going deeper on offers isn't something that's normally done around these parts, but when you have the context of Alloway, 247Sports' No. 1 all-purpose running back and someone with explosive athleticism and an offer list that's surprisingly small, it's worth it. Why? Because it seems Wisconsin has a move into contention with its offer, even with a position switch likely for Alloway.

I'm not going to tell you there's a commit alert or anything, because the Fontana, Calif., product is planning on visiting Madison for an official visit during the season ($). Ergo, not for at least four more months. That said, all you need to do is take a gander at Alloway's Twitter and see that the interest is mutual.

Jango Glackin: Jango Glackin and his family visited Madison, and they left without committing. It looked like Glackin, a three-star outside linebacker from Lebanon (IMG Academy), Ohio, was ready, but it didn't happen. This kicks open the door for Glackin's recruitment, as former favorites West Virginia and Northwestern are both quality schools with offers. Oregon is also planning on visiting.

There's a lot of forum chatter about the whys and wherefores about what exactly happened on Glackin's visit to UW. Suffice it to say, he's a good enough prospect that Oregon, a team that played for the national title, is willing to go all the way across the country to evaluate him personally. The Badgers might have missed an opportunity to close, so if for whatever reason Glackin ends up going elsewhere, it's going to hurt.

New offers

I'm going to curate you an experience with names you're going to have reason to know. Sure, Xavier Kelly, a four-star defensive end from Wichita (East), Kansas, would be a tremendous addition, and if the Badgers double back and find their way into the race for him, we'll tell you to get sufficiently hyped. But Kelly already has a top seven of Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon and TCU. There isn't much of a need to know about him right now.

OLB Victor Viramontes: I'm gonna leave this right here.

That's a highlight reel of Norco, Calif., prospect and recent Badger offer Victor Viramontes. His athleticism speaks for itself, and as you'll notice from the source of the video, Viramontes is rather under-the-radar -- his only other offers are from Nevada, UNLV, Washington State and Nebraska, which just offered.  Linebacker looks like the positional front runner for Viramontes here, and as we've seen with the growth pattern of both Leon Jacobs and T.J. Edwards, a gifted athlete under the tutelage of Dave Aranda can turn into a disruptive force in the gaps.

DE Curtis Weaver: If you're looking for another candidate for a 3-4 defensive end, on offer sheet alone, the three-star Long Beach, Calif., prospect is gettable. But then again, the Badgers are going win plenty of battles against the Nevada and Washington State. As a defensive end, he shows handfight ability and can hold in the gap and make tackles. Sure, there's not a lot of hype here, but a commit from Weaver would be strong.

S Keyon Riley: The three-star Anaheim (Servite), Calif., prospect has two other interesting offers from Arizona State and Colorado State. He's another secondary prospect with whom there's a question as to where he lands. I can see the Badgers looking at him at linebacker or safety with his ability to play downhill and his instincts to stop the run. At 6'2, 190 lbs., he has the perfect frame for cornerback. He'll be very interesting if the Badgers land him.

S Jake Funk: Demascus, Md., has one of the most "Saturday at the 70s' oldies" DJ names in the unranked but immortal Jake Funk. The Badgers are the first power-five offer for Funk, but he does play with the physicality and athleticism of a power-five level prospect and has the sort of D'Cota Dixon-esque sort of frame (currently 5'10, 195 lbs.) that could well slot in as an inside linebacker. He has offers from the service academies, Harvard, Penn, and Yale. Smart, tough, and athletic never a bad thing in an offer.

OLB Khaleke Hudson/Tymar Sutton: Why two at once? Because when you two prospects that measure just below 6-foot (Hudson 5'11, Sutton 5'10) potential linebackers who come from the same location (Mckeesport, PA), and both received offers on Tuesday. So there is a certain parallel that occurs when you look at both Hudson and Sutton. But these aren't just randos with auto-generated names from a video game. There are differences.

For one, the three-star Hudson has a much bigger offer list. Paul Chryst offered him previously, and the second offer puts the Badgers in a top six with Maryland, Michigan State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia. He's also got Boston College, Minnesota, Syracuse and Virginia Tech offers on his outside looking in. He's a good athlete, and he's definitely not afraid to get aggressive on the field.

Sutton is currently unranked and without an offer from the Panthers. In fact, his third best offer outside of Wisconsin and West Virginia is probably either Navy or Toledo. But that doesn't mean he's not without upside. Far from it. He's got the sort of stopping power that a year or two in the weight room will only amplify, and he's a player who definitely gets to top speed quickly. On offers alone, the Badgers contend, and Sutton does bear watching.

CB Aaron Robinson: This is a very interesting offer. the currently unranked Robinson didn't play his junior year, but with a 6'1, 185 pound frame and hands that earned the Deerfield Beach, Fla. product playing time as a sophomore at receiver, he could be one of those fast risers at cornerback as a Senior. I mean, right after the Badgers offered ThursdayRutgers felt a need to follow suit. Robinson's definitely one to watch.

CB Hussein Howe: The Badgers do have a tendency to like offering teammates from the same school in recent years (see about five paragraphs up for another example), and the three-star Howe is no exception. Coming from the same school as Ke'Shan Pennamon, he does fit the same sort of mold as his Jacksonville University Christian counterpart. Smallish (5'9 175), but the speed burst is real, and if you watch his Hudl profile for just 70 seconds, you see him take a ball carrier to Suplex City.

Howe has a pretty deep offer list, with schools like Duke, Louisville, Mississippi State, and North Carolina joining Georgia Tech, Utah, and Wisconsin, and either way? If anyone can gif that suplex, I would be eternally grateful.

DE Michael Boykin: The three-star prospect out of Carrolton, Georgia's been growing into a tailor made 3-4 defensive end. A Wednesday offer moves the Badgers into contention. Yeah, the offer sheet is one that you would consider beatable. (Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, and UNC are your top four here), but with that said, you can look at the Hudl Profile and see why he could be real intriguing down the road. Here's a 6'6 guy who shows he can play low. A 6'6 guy with leverage? The hell you say!

The hell. I say. Indeed. I mean, you've heard of low man wins right? Get a guy tall enough to close passing windows who can get small enough to win the trenches, and you just might have a sleeper on your hands.

CB Antwaine Richardson: In a seeming battle between Miami and Wisconsin for a prospect that lives in Delray Beach, Fla. you don't have to be an expert or proclaiming such expertise to expect Miami to be the favorite. But with that said? Wisconsin has reasons for an enterprising cornerback to leave the state of Miami and go North after they made their offer for the three-star cornerback. For one, the Badgers have been a better team for the past few seasons. For two, the Badgers will likely have more opportunity for a freshman to step in and play from day one. I'm not going to say the Badgers overtake Miami for Richardson, but a 6-foot prospect that has the frame to grow strength and keep his ability to run and jump and play the ball? That's a potential high return prospect.

DT Garrett Rand: This high four-star prospect from Chandler, Ariz. does have some aspirational qualities to him, with offers already from your Arizona and Arizona State. But I have to tell you, there are reasons for hope that the Badgers are going to at the very least make it interesting. For one? The offer list is good, but beyond the state schools there's no team that you look at an offer and say that contention can't be done for the Badgers. (Nebraska, Sparty, Stanford and UCLA, are his other best pure football offers). For two? The Badgers could give him the J.J. Watt pitch, and it wouldn't be a stretch, he's an inch shorter, but he's already tremendously strong and has room to grow.

I'm not going to tell you that the Badgers don't have work to do here, because they do. But this is a prospect Joe Rudolph's doing the work on. He's a good recruiter. The Badgers would be silly not to make Rand a top priority. But there's at least punchers chance the Badgers can make some magic in recruiting a 247sports' top 40 prospect. And for all that might go wrong, it's still quite a thing.