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Wisconsin football recruiting: A best guess at the Badgers' 2014 board

With National Signing Day less than two weeks away, it's time to see if we can figure out the Badgers' board.

Tacoma, Wash., defensive end Kaleb McGary at the Nike Football Training Camp at the University of Oregon in June 2013.
Tacoma, Wash., defensive end Kaleb McGary at the Nike Football Training Camp at the University of Oregon in June 2013.
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It's getting close and it's getting tight. Wisconsin is going in on a billion cornerbacks, and only a couple of of them are visiting Madison. There are also about eight or nine names going around for what's likely to be four or five spots. It's going to be tight. It's going to be close. There will be further moments of panic that I will foist upon you for my amusement that will turn into nothing.

(Check the wires for the latest on Krenwick Sanders).

But this is it. We're getting down to the time of hurt feelings and nut-cutting. There was a wild weekend afoot and we're coming into another weekend with multiple cornerbacks coming to visit (Cornelius Sturghill and Andre Boggs). Additionally, the Badgers also supposedly feel very confident in their chances of getting at least D'Cota Dixon or Derrick Tindal. There's definitely going to be someone who will be forced into a plan B.

As such, let's break down the board.

The Class Expanders

1. Chris Lammons
2. Kaleb McGary

By now, you're pretty well aware of these guys and what they would do. Lammons would be a freshman cornerback who could conceivably follow in the footsteps of his former high school teammate Sojourn Shelton and start in Badger red from day one. McGary is a left tackle prospect from Washington who could conceivably grow into a first-round pick by the time he leaves Madison. (Or Seattle).

The Koa Farmer

3. Koa Farmer

The more you hear about Koa Farmer, the more you think he's coming in as a linebacker. (I mean, most recruitniks are throwing in the LB designation right now). But anytime you can get a borderline four-star talent with the educational inclination that Farmer has and the atheticism and tackling the Sherman Oaks Notre Dame prospect has? The current Cal commit is someone you make space for.

The Positions of Need

4A. D'Cota Dixon
4B. Derrick Tindal 
4C. Cornelius Sturghill
4D. Andre Boggs

The cornerback morass. I put Dixon first because the staff's working on getting him to visit the longest. He seems somewhat raw, but he does fit the mold of the Gary Andersen corner. He definitely has a type; small, quick and attacking. It's what ties him to the Indiana commit (Tindal), the guy who jumped the gun and is visiting this week (Sturghill) and the Rutgers commit (Boggs). This is one of those places where it seems like there is minimal difference between the prospects. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Sturghill and Boggs that commit before Dixon and Tindal decide. There's definitely reason to like every last one of them.

5A. George Rushing
5B. Melvin Holland, Jr.

I would almost drop Holland from the list. He spurned a potential Wisconsin visit for Wake Forest and visits Rutgers next week. Rushing's still there, and according to his Twitter bio, he'll make his decision Feb. 3. The Badgers seem to have good momentum here, but there are three schools that Rushing's going to visit between now and that date. Rushing is still a definite take if he makes the commit.

And I know what you're asking: Why is Isaiah McKenzie not on the list? Simple: the Badgers' late offer has caused the schools in the race thinking McKenzie would be the next Dante Hall to reaffirm their belief in him. In fact, this may have been some Machiavellian maneuvering to get Florida off of our damn lawn.

(Once again, look at the wires for Krenwick Sanders).

The Sleeper

6. Tavaris Williams

Vonte Jackson is switching positions. Melvin Gordon should well be gone after next year. You could well see the Badgers going after multiple running backs again next year, because by 2016, the Badgers could well be down to a tag team of Taiwan Deal and Caleb Kinlaw. A sleeper like Williams has an easier path to playing time than one thinks. The current Utah commit may not have the pedigree, but at this point, he's definitely a take.