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Wisconsin recruiting roundup: Catching up on a busy weekend

A return visit to Cornerbacks Corner! Everybody panic! And a new target who in meme speech would be considered "much sleeper."

Four-star, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., cornerback Chris Lammons.
Four-star, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., cornerback Chris Lammons.
Student Sports

I know what you're thinking. You were supposed to do this toward the end of the week. But let's be honest -- it was a busy week. The commit that wasn't. The visits that were. The recruiting moment of EVERYBODY PANIC! And heck, there's a new last-minute target. That's enough for a post.

So we'll start with a visit to Cornerbacks Corner.

Cornelius Sturghill: The Badgers basically have him if they're willing to say yes. His timing of announcing on Saturday just wasn't great. With Derrick Tindal and D'Cota Dixon in town, and the Badgers looking to add multiple cornerbacks, it would be easier not to put everything in the basket of hoping the Badgers close the deal with Chris Lammons and putting undue pressure on the decision to get to Dixon or Tindal.

Derrick Tindal: Speaking of Tindal? 247 Sports reports ($) that he enjoyed his time in Madison. The current Indiana commit is still planning on visiting South Carolina and N.C. State. He also received a late scholarship offer to TCU. But at this moment, the Badgers definitely have momentum here.

Chris Lammons: He left South Carolina without a commitment. That's good. They were also giving him the full-court press to have him sign on the dotted line. That's also good. As it is, he says it's a coin flip. And my gut feeling is we'll be able to save a spot for him on signing day.

Kaleb McGary: He's leaving campus Tuesday. Not to say that taking the extra day means anything -- we'd be enjoying the services of Joe Mixon and John Plattenburg Jr. if this was true. But if McGary's looking to spend an extra day in the snow, this definitely shows the Badgers could at the very least get to the hat race. Though if the Badgers don't win him, odds are any further offensive linemen will be a name you don't know about.

Kano Dillon: Well, that was fun while it lasted.

George Rushing: The title of the 247 Sports article ($) says it all. "I loved everything." That's the good news. But there's still three more visits he's planning on taking: Louisville on Jan. 24, TCU on the 29th and LSU on the 31st. But the momentum's definitely shifting toward the Badgers, and I would not be surprised if Rushing ends up playing very quickly in Madison.


You think your day's going well? You ace that test and/or PowerPoint? You want to go drop to your knees and scream to the snow? You don't want to hear the news that's crossed the wire? Well, then scroll ahead about six or seven lines.

247 Sports is reporting that after Will Muschamp and four Florida Gator assistants conducted a dual in-home visit with Krenwick Sanders and Jeremy Patterson, the Wayne County, Ga., duo has scheduled a visit to the Gators for this weekend.


Sorry, guys. But in another way, I'm not sorry. You know what you did.

New targets

RB Tavaris Williams
5'11, 185 lbs.
Fort White, Fla.
2-star recruit2-star recruit

I know what you're thinking: a two-star talent at a position that seems pretty full-up. "Hey, we're giving up on flipping Joe Mixon for this jerk?" the straw man among you might say. But here's the thing: Beyond the fact that it's Thomas Hammock leading the charge in recruiting Williams, the Fort White, Fla., prospect has a highlight reel that makes his listed 4.41 40 time look pretty dang honest. I mean, just look at his Hudl profile.

That is someone who has that pure, badass, American speed that would definitely surpass that two-star station. And he's got that experience as a slot receiver that would allow him to earn a place with the Badgers in a myriad of ways. Williams is currently committed to Utah, and holds offers from Duke, Florida, Iowa State and Nebraska, among others. But the Badgers have him scheduled for a visit on Jan. 31 and the momentum is definitely favoring the Badgers on this one.

Koa Farmer
6'1, 200 lbs.
Sherman Oaks, Calif.
3-star recruit3-star recruit3-star recruit

And all of the sudden, the Badgers are back in play for a safety. I know what you're thinking: didn't they let Andre Godfrey go off to the Beehive State because they were good? ARE WE ABOUT TO LOSE SERGE TREZY? SHOULD WE PANIC? OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!

Calm. Koa Farmer's the sort of talent that would find a place somewhere in the back seven. Michael Caputo made a lot of plays last year as a hybrid safety, and in that respect, the Cal commit would be dead-solid perfect. Farmer has visits scheduled to Vanderbilt and Washington, but someone who has Ivy League offers dotting his offer sheet is a player looking for the academics to join the athletics. Now in the race, Wisconsin does provide a good match.