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The latest with the Badgers and 2024 four-star SF Jackson McAndrew

The Badgers are still in the mix for the four-star small forward.

The Wisconsin Badgers have been heavily recruiting several members of the 2024 class, with four-stars Daniel Freitag and Jackson McAndrew leading the bunch.

Freitag has been the program’s target at point guard, while McAndrew is an ideal forward for the team in the 2024 class.

Earlier last week, Freitag announced that he’ll be taking an official visit to Wisconsin from June 14th-16th, but what’s the latest with McAndrew and his recruitment?

The 6’8 forward has been primarily connected to Creighton, Xavier, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame in his recruitment, and recently talked with On3’s Jamie Shaw about each of those four connections.

Having already taken an official visit to Wisconsin in 2022, here’s what the forward had to say about the program.

“It was a lot of fun and cool to see a couple of practices and spend a lot more time with players and coaches. My relationship has been continuing to grow with them, and I have been talking with them more. I would fit in with the versatility I bring and my shooting ability, also being able to be an all-around player for them.”

McAndrew also spoke with Shaw in February following an official visit to Creighton, where he shared about his strong relationship with head coach Greg Gard and the staff.

“Wisconsin had been recruiting me for a long time,” McAndrew said. “They were one of the first schools I was in contact with. It was great for that to progress into an official visit. My relationship with Coach Gard is really good. I hear from him a good amount through calls and mail. We talk a lot about how’d I’d fit in with the program, and he tells me what I need to do to get better, which I appreciate it.

The Minnesota product has often shared the importance of play style and fit, which he believes is there with Wisconsin.

“My favorite part of the Wisconsin visits was hanging out with the coaches and players and getting to know them more. Also, getting a better feel for the campus and facilities was nice. I was on an unofficial a couple of weeks ago for a basketball game, and that was really cool as well. I see myself fitting into their style of play very well with my versatility and ability to shoot the ball,” McAndrew said in February.

Now, the Wayzata High School forward is currently scheduled to take visits with both Xavier and Notre Dame, looking at all of his top options before making a decision on his future, which McAndrew wishes to occur before his senior season this fall.

“I don’t really have a time frame,” McAndrew said. “It’ll just be when I feel it’s right. Definitely before the senior season, but I still want to get out to these places that I haven’t seen yet, and also see more of the ones I have seen.

As for his primary desires in a program, McAndrew is looking for a comfortable environment that fits his play style and allows him to incorporate the entirety of his game.

“I will be looking for a coaching staff that I am comfortable with and trust. Also, a school where I know I can be utilized in a good play style. A place I can develop and reach my full potential. A good school and teammates that I would want to play with as well. I think the play style that fits me is a team that plays with good pace and allows me to dribble, pass, shoot, and utilize my skillset.”

Whether that ends up at Wisconsin, given their slower pace of play, remains to be seen, but the 2024 forward is definitely a top candidate on their recruiting list.