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Badgers jump to No. 5 in USCHO Poll after sweeping Minnesota

The Badgers are back in business, and it’s in an emphatic way as they jumped back up to No. 5.

The Wisconsin Badgers have cracked the top five, ladies and gentleman.

Following a thrilling weekend where the Badgers swept the No. 1 Minnesota Golden Gophers, Wisconsin experienced the biggest jump in the USCHO poll rankings for the second consecutive week.

This time, the jump was from No. 14 to No. 5, as the Badgers leapfrogged Minnesota, who fell to No. 6 in the biggest drop of the week.

In addition, the Badgers earned five first-place votes, good for third-most in the nation.

Here are the USCHO Poll’s Top 10 for the week of October 30th, with first-place votes in parentheses.

1. Boston College(36) 5-1

2. Denver(5) 4-1-1

3. North Dakota(1) 4-1-1

4. Michigan 5-2-1

5. Wisconsin(5) 7-1

6. Minnesota 3-3

7. Providence(2) 5-1-1

8. Quinnipac 4-3

9. Boston 3-2-1

10. Cornell(1) 2-0

The Badgers will host their first top-five matchup of the season against No. 4 Michigan on Friday.

It’s the first time that a top-five matchup has been hosted at the Kohl Center since 2010.