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NCAA Hockey: Vegas odds to win the 2014-15 national championship

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is taking wagers on the 2014-15 NCAA hockey championship and there is plenty of value still available.

At 50/1 odds, Denver has a lot of value right now.
At 50/1 odds, Denver has a lot of value right now.
(Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

So, I just wanted to write a quick blog about the updated odds on NCAA hockey. Barstool Sports' Boston Bruins writer Rear Admiral was in Las Vegas this week and tweeted updated odds for our pleasure.

I've provided a full list of what Rear Admiral tweeted below. Let's start with Wisconsin, since I cover the Badgers first and foremost. If there is anyone betting on them at 28/1 right now I want you to go find them and immediately check them into an institution.

Now that we've got that cleared up, here are my favorite bets on the board right now. Start with Nebraska Omaha at 50/1 right now. The Mavericks are tied for third in the PairWise, which mimics the NCAA selection committee. That means UNO is virtually a lock to make the tournament. Right then and there that makes them one of the best 16 teams to wager on. Getting them at 50/1 is a steal.

With that in mind, I truly believe Nebraska Omaha is one of the best teams in the country this season. The Mavericks have the seventh best winning percentage and have played the second hardest schedule in the nation. 50/1 is a joke. If you're in the area, it's worth your time to put money on the Mavs.

Denver is another team from the NCHC that I love right now. the KRACH ranking has Denver at No. 7 but they are still getting 50/1 odds to win the title? Seems like a steal. The Pioneers rank 9th in the PairWise, which means they are close to locking up an NCAA bid, but at 50/1 it's very, very good value.

Keeping things in the NCHC, Western Michigan isn't a horrible value play either. While the Broncos are outside of the NCAA tournament right now, they aren't that far out. If WMU can string together a few wins they will be close to the bubble and grabbing Western at 175-1 will look real good in a 16-team tournament.

Bowling Green is another team getting good value right now. I have no idea if they can hold on to win an NCAA tournament, but at 50/1 they are a good bet as the No. 6 team in the current PairWise. In fact, that's outstanding value for a team that's a virtual lock to make the tournament right now.

Quickly, a few other bets that I like are Yale at 125/1, as the Bulldogs are tied for 16th in the PairWise right now and that's outstanding value. I also like Quinnipiac at 30/1. It's not an outstanding value, but sometimes you just have a gut feeling.

The other bet I wanted to talk about is the field at 18/1. Honestly, I probably wouldn't bet it but it's not the worst deal out there. Betting the field basically gives you five teams that have a possibility of netting a profit. Michigan Tech is the best team that's not on the board, as the Huskies are a virtual lock to make the NCAA tournament right now at No. 7 in the PWR.

You also have the team that will represent the Atlantic Hockey Conference. Right not that appears to be Robert Morris. Given the fact every conference has to be represented, that means another spot in addition to Michigan Tech will be available to "the field."

Merrimack is another team that is included in betting "the field" right now. Merrimack is on the NCAA bubble as the No. 16 team in the PairWise at the moment, and could easily sneak in when all is said and done.

The other two possibilities I see are Penn State and Bemidji State. Both have work to do to make the NCAA's as at-large teams, but if they get in, you never know. Again, I don' think the field is a great bet, but there are some realistic options out there, especially given the parity of college hockey the past few seasons.

Minnesota 5/2 9/2
Boston College 4/1 4/1
Boston University 4/1 60/1
North Dakota 5/1 10/1
Providence 8/1 10/1
Minnesota State 12/1 20/1
Minnesota Duluth 12/1 50/1
Union 15/1 12/1
Harvard 15/1 150/1
Michigan 18/1 20/1
UMass-Lowell 20/1 25/1
Miami 20/1 25/1
St. Lawrence 22/1 200/1
St. Cloud State 25/1 18/1
Wisconsin 28/1 15/1
Colgate 28/1 20/1
Quinnipiac 30/1 25/1
Denver 50/1 25/1
Bowling Green 50/1 60/1
Nebraska Omaha 50/1 75/1
Notre Dame 60/1 40/1
Ferris State 75/1 40/1
Cornell 75/1 40/1
Vermont 75/1 60/1
Ohio State 100/1 40/1
Clarkson 100/1 60/1
RPI 100/1 100/1
Michigan State 100/1 100/1
Yale 125/1 50/1
Maine 150/1 40/1
Northeastern 150/1 60/1
Brown 150/1 75/1
Western Michigan 175/1 75/1
New Hampshire 250/1 50/1
Mercyhurst 250/1 100/1
Alaska 250/1 150/1
Anchorage 350/1 100/1
Dartmouth 350/1 100/1
Air Force 500/1 250/1
18/1 30/1

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