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Poll: Should Corbin McGuire face supplemental discipline for his hit on Connor Reilly?

Corbin McGuire received a five minute major for kneeing on Saturday. Many people think he deserves to be suspended by the Big Ten.

It wouldn't be a series between the Gophers and Badgers without a controversial play. In Saturday's tie vs. Minnesota, Wisconsin freshman Corbin McGuire clipped Gopher forward Connor Reilly in the second period. McGuire was assessed a five minute major for kneeing. Minnesota would go on to score one goal on the ensuing power play.

Unfortunately, it appears Reilly may be seriously injured from the collision. Minnesota head coach Don Lucia told the Star Tribune Reilly will be out for a while and was rightfully furious after the game.

"Those are career injuries," Lucia said. "You stick out a knee and go knee-on-knee with guys. You talk about wanting to clean up our game and that's just a bad, bad play."

Minnesota has already reached out to the Big Ten office in regards to the play and Lucia expects McGuire to be suspended.

"I'm sure there will be supplemental discipline on that play, and if not I'll be very shocked," Lucia said.

Big Ten Network studio host Rick Pizzo was amongst those calling for McGuire to be suspended.

McGuire was apologetic after the game and said it was not intentional.

"I want to start off by saying that my prayers are with Reilly there -- I hope he's okay and gets back to playing soon if he is injured," McGuire said. "He game across the blue line in the neutral zone and made little juke to the outside. I was just coming across. I didn't move in time and our shins kind of hit, and he got the worst of it.

"Like I said, I hope he's okay, and I'll be thinking about him."

Obviously our first thoughts are with Reilly. You never like seeing anyone get hurt. As someone who was seriously injured in hockey on a similar hit, my sympathies go out to him.

So what do you guys think? Should Corbin McGuire be suspended for the hit? I'll leave it up to the readers.

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