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Wisconsin scrimmage vs. St. Norbert will be closed to the public

Hannah Foslien

Apparently there has been some confusion about the game between Wisconsin and defending Division III national champion St. Norbert College scheduled to take place Oct. 25 at LaBahn Arena.

The Wisconsin State Journal originally reported that the two teams would meet. Somehow we misinterpreted that game as an exhibition event.

According to Wisconsin hockey communications director Paul Capobianco, the scrimmage will not be open to the public.

"It is a scrimmage. Essentially two teams practicing together. There aren't really any details. It is not set up to be a public event," Capobianco said in an e-mail on Thursday.

So there you have it. It's a glorified practice.

Numerous people weighed in after the initial announcement in support of (what was originally thought of) as an exhibition game. Multiple fans said they were going to change their plans to make sure they were in Madison for the game. Heck, I even received messages from family members in the Green Bay area who don't even like hockey about the game.

I think Wisconsin is dropping the ball on this one. While the scrimmage is fine, why not market it as an exhibition game? Sell tickets for $5 and donate it to youth hockey or something. People want to see these two teams square off, even if it doesn't count for anything.

What does everyone think?

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