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Mike Eaves won't talk about officials, unless someone is willing to lend him $1,000

Want to ask about officiating? Badgers head coach Mike Eaves would rather you call Big Ten head of officials Steve Piotrowski.

Larry Radloff Photography

One of the major unknowns with the college hockey conference shakeup this season was the officiating. Hired to coordinate the Big Ten's referees was Steve Piotrowski, former head of officiating in the now defunct CCHA.

One weekend into official conference play, we're already hearing grumblings from unhappy folks. Over the course of this weekend's rivalry series between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Gophers received 11 power-play attempts to Wisconsin's six, including a 5-to-1 disparity in the finale Saturday.

When asked about the officials after Saturday's contest, UW head coach Mike Eaves was quite animated.

"You [the media] always ask us questions about the referees. And you say to us, ‘Well I have to ask the question.' And you know that we can't answer," Eaves said. "So here we are again -- I would like for you to call [supervisor of Big Ten officials] Steve Piotrowski, and talk to him. Therein lies a pretty good answer. You want some answers? Talk to the guy that can talk to you guys.

"I'd love to say something, but I can't. Unless you want to give me $1,000 that I can give them. I don't think you've got that kind of money just to hand out."

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