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FINAL: Wisconsin 1, Miami 2

Photo Credit: Larry Radloff

Third Period Stats...

Score: Wisconsin 0 (1 overall), Miami 0 (2 overall)
Shots: Wisconsin 14 (34 overall), Miami 10 (32 overall)
Faceoffs: Wisconsin 14 (39 overall), Miami 8 (26 overall)
Power Plays: Wisconsin 0-5, Miami 1-3


First period:
1-0 Miami--3:13--Austin Czarnik (Riley Barber, Matthew Caito)

Second period:
1-1 Wisconsin--8:35--Michael Mersch (Derek Lee, Joseph Labate)
2-1 Miami--16:07--Curtis McKenzie (Alex Gacek, Sean Kuraly)\

Third period:

Third Period Updates...

--16:34-Kerdiles takes the puck in on the left side with speed and fired a quality shot on McKay.

--16:18-Krualy from Miami drives hard to the net and McCabe punishes him for it.

--15:30-LaBate picks up a turnover in the slot but his pass is stopped by a diving Miami defender.

--Wisconsin goes on the PP, but can't convert. They are now 6 for 64 on the season.

--9:28-Jefferson Dahl with a nice shot on goal but McKay is there for the save.

--9:09-Mark Zengerle tries to go high glove on McKay but can't beat him.

--4:51-Kerdiles is called for tripping late in the game. Obviously not a good penalty to take at this point in the contest.

--4:47-Miami's Blake Coleman takes a hooking penalty right after to negate the UW penalty.

--3:58-Miami's Austin Czarnick takes a tripping penalty to force a 4 on 3.

--1:40--Kerdiles with a nice attempt from his knees.

--1:03-Mersch with a nice break but his try is foiled late on the rush.

Additional Thoughts...

--Fun series to watch. Nice to see a team come into the Kohl Center from out of the conference who can skate, create plays, and play good defense. This was an outstanding test for Wisconsin.

--Wisconsin's unbeaten streak is now over at 11 games.

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