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Wisconsin Badgers vs. Michigan Wolverines: Keys to win

The Badgers head back on the road in search of a victory on Wednesday.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Wisconsin Kayla Wolf-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of two straight losses, the Wisconsin Badgers are hoping to bounce back against the 7-15 Michigan Wolverines on the road Wednesday, with tip-off scheduled for 6:00 P.M. CT.

The Wolverines have had a tough season, but are still a Big Ten program. As easy as it may look on paper (We’ll touch on that in a minute), anything can happen in a Big Ten Game.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the matchup.

Why Wisconsin should win this game

Wisconsin has the same advantage in this game that I’ve mentioned in most games: big game experience.

After a tough week, Wisconsin has fallen in the Basketball Power Index (17th) and strength of record (10th). That still puts them well above the Wolverines.

On top of that, though, Wisconsin also bests the Wolverines in point differential, turnovers per game, and fouls per game.

As long as the Badgers can get back to a cleaner style of basketball than what we’ve seen in these last two games, they should come out on top.

Why Michigan should win this game

Honestly, they shouldn’t.

So far, I’ve looked to maintain unbiased during these articles, and I believe I can still be unbiased in saying there is not a single reason Michigan should win this game.

They rank 160th in strength of record and 108th in Basketball Power Index. They score decently well, but have a negative point differential.

They turn the ball over more than any other Big Ten team, and average the third-most personal fouls. They are a solid three-point shooting team, which Wisconsin has been susceptible to.

So, they at least have a chance.

X-Factor: Chucky Hepburn vs. Dug McDaniel

Coming off a rough showing against Purdue, Chucky Hepburn is going to be a vital piece for this game.

Dug McDaniel has been excellent for Michigan, and it is likely that Hepburn is going to be guarding him in this one.

If Hepburn can lock McDaniel down this game will be over fast.

If McDaniel can get into a rhythm the Wolverines could make this more interesting than it ought to be.

Final Prediction: 88-65 Wisconsin