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Wisconsin Badgers vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Game Balls

The Huskers did it again at home, beating another Top 10 opponent in the Badgers on Thursday.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: This article has been written and submitted by Robaue17, who will help cover Badgers basketball.

The Wisconsin Badgers suffered their second loss in the Big Ten on Thursday night in an 80-72 overtime defeat to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Coming out strong in the first half behind a masterful performance from AJ Storr, Wisconsin entered halftime up 43-27.

Nebraska, however, was not done yet. Rienk Mast, CJ Wilcher, and Brice Williams carried Nebraska to a 40-point 2nd half, taking the game to overtime where they continued to dominate en route to an 80-72 win.

As always, there a a few people more deserving of love for this win than others.

Here are the Game Balls for Nebraska:

Game Ball No. 1: CJ Wilcher

Wilcher was simply phenomenal in this game. Coming off the bench for 22 points on 5/7 from 3 and 7/10 from the field, Wilchor scored his season-high against the Badgers. Without his performance, Nebraska would not have been able to mount this comeback.

Game Ball No. 2: Rienk Mast

Mast was a player that I had pointed out in my Keys to Win for this game. He’s been fantastic for the Cornhuskers this year, and was another necessary piece for them in this game. He struggled quite a bit in the 1st half, but rallied with the rest of the team in the 2nd to finish with 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Game Ball No. 3: Fred Hoiberg

It may be somewhat unconventional to give a Game Ball to the coach, but Hoiberg absolutely deserves it. His team was down 16 points at halftime, and 18 at one point in the second half, and yet still came back to win it. That shows that this team has been well-coached, and has great respect for that coach. Many teams would look at that deficit against a team ranked in the top ten and just crumble. Hoiberg rallied the troops, and I think he deserves credit for pulling this off.

As difficult as this loss is to stomach, the Badgers are not the first top-ten team Nebraska has felled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t the last. There’s only one thing that Wisconsin can do about this game now: learn from it for the Purdue Boilermakers on Sunday.