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Instant reaction to the Badgers 98-73 loss to Arizona

The Badgers suffered a brutal loss to the top team in the nation.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Arizona Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

The Wisconsin Badgers suffered a 98-73 loss at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, which snapped a six-game winning streak, dropping them to 7-3.

It was a tough performance for the Badgers, who were beaten in every aspect of the game in the loss, as they went up against an elite Arizona team that, quite frankly, was more athletic, physical, and deeper.

Offensively, the Badgers couldn’t really get much going apart from John Blackwell, who was easily the team’s best player, scoring 17 points on 6/12 shooting, consistently being aggressive.

Defensively, Wisconsin struggled in the pick-and-roll, as well as dribble penetration against a tough Arizona team, leading to 98 points allowed on 58 percent shooting, including 46 percent from three.

Following the game, Badgers insider Rohan Chakravarthi shared his instant reaction to the Badgers’ 98-73 to Arizona, pointing out the major takeaways for the team moving forward.

Next up, the Badgers have the rest of their non-conference schedule, with home games against Jacksonville State and Chicago State over the next two weeks before conference play begins.