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Wisconsin announces numbers for incoming freshmen

Talk about big news. Bronson Koenig won't even have to change his Twitter handle!

Greg Dixon

It started innocently enough, with one tweet from @BadgerMBB:

From there, pure chaos eclipsed only by today's Tebowmania II. Comparisons to former Badger greats? Heresy! Jordan Taylor Hill gets No. 11, and now he's the next Jordan Taylor? Vitto Brown's No. 30, and now he's Jon Leuer? Nothing is sacred anymore.

You'll notice a twinge of sarcasm (perhaps of the poorly executed kind) here, but in all seriousness, we have a little more hoops news to talk about, and that's always nice. Last week, it was the announcement of five preseason exhibition games in Canada. Today, we know what numbers the Badgers' incoming freshmen will wear this season, and the Badgers used their Twitter feed to at least add some color to the announcement.

G Bronson Koenig, La Crosse (Aquinas), Wis.: No. 24

G Riley Dearring, Minnetonka (Minnetonka Senior), Minn.: No. 35

G Jordan Hill, Exeter, N.H.: No. 11

F Vitto Brown, Bowling Green, Ohio: No. 30

F Nigel Hayes, Toledo (Whitmet), Ohio: No. 10

F Aaron Moesch, Green Bay (Southwest), Wis.: No. 5

@BadgerMBB threw out a few fun comparisons (as one follower noted, they're giving away Tim Jarmusz' No. 24 so soon?), and they also had a couple of nifty facts on hand: