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Wisconsin is College Basketball's 7th-Most Valuable Program, According to Forbes

The Big Ten has a cool six schools on Forbes' Top 20, and the Badgers are the conference's third-most valuable.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes has spoken: the Wisconsin Badgers are college basketball's seventh-most valuable program.

The renowned business magazine releases its top 20 annually, and the Badgers jumped three spots from 2012. UW's one-year change in value of 15 percent was the key, and it puts the university's current value at $19.8 million with $11.5 million in basketball profits (revenues and expenses from the 2011-12 season). Forbes ranked each school by the following three categories, in order of weight: basketball revenue spent on athlete scholarships and other academic programming, profit kept by the athletic department to support athletic endeavors and conference revenue generated via NCAA tournament play.

As the accompanying slideshow highlights, the Big Ten should be in pretty good shape moving forward once Maryland (16th-most valuable this year) and Rutgers are officially in the fold come 2014. Here's how the conference's six top-20 schools shook out:

NO. 5 OHIO STATE $23.1 million $13.6 million -3%
NO. 6 INDIANA $21.8 million $14.4 million -6%
NO. 7 WISCONSIN $19.8 million $11.5 million 15%
NO. 10 MICHIGAN STATE $17.3 million $9.4 million 21%
NO. 13 MINNESOTA $16.3 million $11.1 million 15%
NO. 17 ILLINOIS $14.1 million $9.3 million -11%

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