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NCAA Tournament 2013: Selection Sunday Open Thread

The Badgers went cold today, but their seeding for March Madness remains up in the air. Can they grab a No. 4 seed, or are they stuck at 5?

Jonathan Daniel

Well, dang. Wisconsin played Ohio State on Sunday, and at several moments seemed poised to win the Big Ten Tournament championship. Alas, a brutal cold streak over the final eight minutes or so and some killer turnovers allowed the Buckeyes to pull away with a 60-53 victory.

Depending on who you ask, the Badgers were possibly playing for a No. 3 seed vs. the Buckeyes. Now that they've lost, do they hold onto a No. 4 seed or fall to No. 5? Twitter's already chirping (sorry) about the inevitability of Wisconsin getting the 5 seed and being pegged as the likely 5-12 upset pick. For my money -- Monopoly money only this month -- the Badgers deserved a four seed for the regular-season resume (big wins over Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan, etc.) and this weekend's surge in the conference tournament.

What do you guys think? The Selection Show is just about to start on CBS, so please do come follow along with us on the open thread below.