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Bo Ryan Press Conference: No Update on Mike Bruesewitz

Also, Wisconsin's head coach addresses the struggles of Ryan Evans.


Bo Ryan met with the media on Monday in a press conference that was more about what Wisconsin's head coach didn't know than anything else.

Mike Bruesewitz, who sustained a concussion during last Thursday's practice and did not play in Saturday's loss to Marquette, still has his status up in the air. Wisconsin plays UW-Green Bay on Wednesday and is then off until Dec. 22. Bruesewitz is averaging 6.2 points and 3.9 rebounds per game.

"I haven't received anything," Ryan said. "I don't know whether he is going to be before practice, but I haven't gotten any word yet. Even in this day and age of emails and texts."

Ryan Evans' struggles: "Yelling isn't the only way to get a point across"

Simply put, Ryan Evans has not been very good in this early part of the season. Wisconsin's 4-man is averaging 10.3 points and 7 rebounds per game, though he is shooting 40.4 percent from the field, 6.7 from 3-point range (1-of-15) and perhaps most strikingly, 31.8 from the free throw line (14-of-44).

Against Marquette, he managed nine points on 4-of-10 shooting with six rebounds, though he made just one of his nine free throw attempts. Evans, a career 63.6 percent free throw shooter, has made more than half of his free throw attempts in just one game this season, when he sunk two of three against Cornell on Nov. 18.

Naturally, Ryan wasn't very concerned with Evans' struggles.

"How many years have I told you that you can't yell somebody into making shots? Yelling isn't the only way to get a point across," he said. "He's been shown, he's been trying. It's in his head right now, no kidding. I didn't give you a news flash there.

"It isn't because he doesn't care, it isn't because he's not working. It's all part of what people go through."

In a later follow-up question, a reporter asked Ryan if Evans, cognizant of his free throw struggles, was avoiding contact and limiting his aggressiveness in an attempt to avoid the foul line.

"He still makes his post moves," Ryan said. "No, he hasn't backed away from that, because he knows he can't, being a senior and being a guy that the team is counting on."