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Luke Fickell reveals that Mike Vrabel is expected to be around Badgers during spring

The two coaches are set to reunite for a period of time, it appears.

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Wisconsin Badgers are underway with their offseason program, as workouts have begun ahead of spring ball, where the team has revamped a bit, both with their personnel and on their coaching staff.

They could be adding another face to the mix for a brief period of time, as head coach Luke Fickell revealed on the Wilde & Tausch Show that his good friend and former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel could be in the building for spring ball.

Vrabel, who was recently let go by the Titans after six seasons with the franchise, had been linked to several NFL head coaching and defensive coordinator jobs this offseason, but hasn’t been hired yet, raising speculation as to what his next destination would be.

“I talked to him, I think on Saturday and we hadn’t communicated for probably a week or so just as the process was going,” Fickell shared on Wednesday. “And he sounded like a new man. And I’m not sure exactly if this was his choice or what it is that the future really looks like.”

“But I know that we’re going to have a visitor here that’s going to spend a little bit of time, hopefully around us starting coming in the spring and some things like that, and see how deep we can get involved, know my buddy and getting him around here.”

Fickell and Vrabel have a long history together, as the two were roommates while at Ohio State and ended up coaching together with the Buckeyes from 2011-13 before the latter jumped to the NFL.

Both players were on the defensive line at Ohio State, and now will rejoice for a period of time on the sidelines at Wisconsin, at least for a part of the spring.