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Badgers stay at No. 19 in new AP Poll for Week 2

The Badgers didn’t change, despite some movement in the Top 25 this week.

The A.P. Poll for Week 2 has been released, and the Wisconsin Badgers remained at No. 19 this week, despite some movement up and down the poll after a chaotic Week 1.

Here are the full A.P. Poll rankings for Week 2, with first-place votes listed in parentheses.

1. Georgia (58)

2. Michigan (2)

3. Alabama

4. Florida State (3)

5. Ohio State

6. USC

7. Penn State

8. Washington

9. Tennessee

10. Notre Dame

11. Texas

12. Utah

13. Oregon

14. LSU

15. Kansas State

16. Oregon State

17. North Carolina

18. Oklahoma

19. Wisconsin

20. Ole Miss

21. Duke

22. Colorado

23. Texas A&M

24. Tulane

25. Clemson

Other schools receiving votes

Iowa 73, UCLA 55, Arkansas 28, TCU 27, Kentucky 15, Pittsburgh 8, Mississippi State 5, Miami 4, NC State 4, Auburn 3, Troy 3, Fresno State 3, Minnesota 3, Wyoming 3, Iowa St. 2, Texas State 2, Texas Tech 1, Louisville 1, Washington St. 1, Illinois 1, Houston 1, UCF 1, James Madison 1.

Up and Down

Florida State was a big riser, moving up four spots to No. 4 after a win against LSU.

Ohio State dropped two spots, despite a win over Indiana, due to a closer-than-expected 23-3 bout.

LSU dropped nine spots, while Clemson dropped 16 spots after their respective losses.


The Badgers had the possibility of moving up, as TCU and Clemson both dropped behind them, but remained at No. 19, as they were jumped by No. 17 North Carolina, who moved up four spots, and No. 18 Oklahoma, who moved up two spots.

The ranking is fair for the Badgers, who won comfortably, but didn't impress enough to warrant a jump in the rankings.

A move down could've occurred, but several teams dropped significantly, paving the way for the Badgers to remain at their spot, while other teams jumped them.

Heading into Week 2, the Badgers are on upset alert in a road bout against Washington State, where they're currently favored by six points.

A good win could warrant a jump in the rankings for a Badgers unit that showcased a strong defensive performance, as well as a good run game, in Week 1, but saw struggles in the passing game.