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Badgers WRs Chimere Dike, Bryson Green recap Week 1, talk new WR room

Hear what the Badgers wideouts had to say about the new-look offense.

The Wisconsin Badgers comfortably won their first game of the season, pulling away from the Buffalo Bulls in the second half for a 38-17 victory to kick off the Luke Fickell era.

The run game dominated, while the passing game saw its fair share of ups and downs for the Wisconsin offense.

However, the wide receivers still were an intriguing group to watch, as the Badgers debuted a core highlighted by three transfers and leader Chimere Dike.

Hear what Dike and Green had to say following Wisconsin’s Week 1 win.

Chimere Dike

Dike will spend the majority of 2023 working from the outside, given that transfer Will Pauling has occupied the slot role.

How has Dike adjusted to the new position?

“Obviously, a little bit different position, but same time, it’s very similar,” Dike said. “And then just probably who you watch, the way you look at the defense when you’re studying, you’re probably looking more nickel triangle compared to studying some of the corners and stuff like that. So that’s probably the biggest difference. But honestly, [adjustment’s] been great, and I played outside receiver in the past a lot, so it wasn’t really too much.”

Additionally, Dike pointed out how 1-on-1 matchups will be more prevalent on the outside, while you’re required to be more cerebral when focusing on opponents from the s

“I think on the outside you have a lot more one on one matchups, a lot more press man, stuff like that. On the inside, I think you can be a lot more cerebral,” Dike said. “You’re often working like pockets and space and stuff like that. So I think that’s probably the biggest difference between the two that I noticed.”

Watch the rest of Dike’s interview here, which includes his thoughts on Week 1, last season, the new receiver room, and more.

Bryson Green

Green saw his first action at Camp Randall Stadium this past Saturday, getting in the action early by earning both of Tanner Mordecai’s first targets, including the first catch.

Despite the ups and downs offensively, it was a great experience for the transfer wideout.

“Definitely enjoyed it. Jump Around was really good. I’m excited for some of the more packed games we have this year and it was a great turnout for the first game this season, Green said. “But, new experience, it was a lot different than Boone Pickens(Oklahoma State’s) stadium. So I would say all in all, I enjoyed it. Glad we got the W.”

Green feels that he’s finally settled in at Wisconsin, and now will look to improve week-by-week, correcting mistakes he sees on film, and getting better every day.

“Yeah, I definitely feel like I found a place and found a home,” Green said. “I definitely got to get better each week by week, by looking over film even last week, just correcting more things and learning from them. And as the season go on, it’s a long season, we only got twelve guaranteed games. So just working on those things and improving each week I think I will [become even better].”

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