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Week 5: Big Ten Weekend Preview

Check out the latest with the Big Ten in Week 5.

Welcome to Week 5 of the Big Ten Weekend preview everyone! Nothing to see here! Just some really bad rankings about some very bad games!

BUT, since I’m obligated to make some noise about them, I will. Let me start by advising everyone of this right now, this is a great weekend to check the annual pumpkin patch/apple orchard trip off the honey do list.

If you want brownie points you can stash for the future (specifically weeks 8 and 9) this is the weekend to do so! Here are this week’s games ranked:

1. Michigan at Nebraska, 2:30 P.M. on FOX (Michigan -17.0)

You know it’s bad when Nebraska has a game that reaches this level of my rankings. I’m holding out hope that Nebraska can keep this close for more than one half.

Otherwise, I may have to turn on a second tier conference like the SEC! No thanks! Nebraska kept it close last time this game was played in Lincoln and I just hope they can do that again.

Michigan should win by more than 17. but I also don’t think I’d touch that. Michigan made sure Harbaugh would be available for this one so clearly they are worried too!

2. Illinois at Purdue, 2:30 P.M. on Peacock (EVEN)

If this game wasn’t on Peacock and one of the teams looked halfway decent to start the year, then this would be number one. But, unfortunately, neither of those are true.

Both of these teams have stumbled to start the year. They each have had a lot of holes to fill and it has shown through four weeks.

The other storyline here is that Purdue head coach Ryan Walters is the former DC at Illinois. Could this be a Bert revenge game? I kind of like Purdue…

3. Michigan State at Iowa, 6:30 P.M. on NBC (Iowa -12.0)


There will be no offense and no points and they have the audacity to try and shove this down our throats on NBC at 6:30 P.M.? If Brian Ferentz didn’t have a quota to meet then there’s no way I’m watching this game. Thankfully, Brian Ferentz does have a quota to meet!

And I’m not missing a single second of watching the Iowa fan base melt in front of my eyes. Has everyone been following along with the sicko’s committee on X? I recommend their Iowa content.

Anyway, Michigan State fired their head coach this week. Iowa probably covers but that means it’s only gonna be like 13-0. One defensive touchdown and two field goals.

The perfect Iowa performance.

4. Indiana at Maryland, 2:30 P.M on BTN (Maryland -14.5)

Maryland is only favored by 14.5? That feels way too close. Indiana should’ve lost to Akron last weekend. I know none of you are gonna watch this but hey, Maryland does play Ohio State in a few weeks. That could be a sneaky good game.

5. Penn State at Northwestern, 11 A.M. on BTN (Penn State -26.5)

Does everybody remember what I said last week? Weird things happen at Ryan Field. Normally it happens at 11 A.M., but last weekend it happened after dark against Minnesota.

Does anyone believe it can’t happen against Penn state during an 11 A.M. game? No matter what, this will be one to keep an eye on.

6. Louisiana Lafayette at Minnesota, 11 A.M. on BTN (Minnesota -11)

I’m gonna use this as a moment to say PJ Fleck may be on his way out the door at Minnesota. He made a comment this week that almost seemed to lash out at the fan base and their lack of financial support for their collective. Not good.

Apparently, his culture just isn’t enough? I’m not sure but the boat seems to be taking on quite a bit of water. Players might even be asking for life preservers from other programs. Imagine if they lost this game? Yikes.

7. Wagner at Rutgers, 2:30pm on BTN (No Line)

There’s not even a line for this game!!!!. The casinos don’t even know it’s on. That means you shouldn’t turn it on!

See you next week!