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Luke Fickell on Badgers going for 2: “Never felt like we were in good shape”

The Badgers went for 2 late in the game to increase their lead to three touchdowns.

The Wisconsin Badgers comfortably won 38-17 over the Purdue Boilermakers in their first Big Ten matchup of the season, improving to 3-1 on the year.

While Wisconsin held a two-score lead for the majority of the game, the true game-sealer was a late touchdown from running back Braelon Allen to place the Badgers up by three scores.

However, what happened after prompted some questions from fans: the decision to go for two points to make it a 38-17 game with just over three minutes left.

Why did head coach Luke Fickell look to go for two?

The answer was simple: the book called for it.

“It’s the book, to be honest with you. I don’t not like we’re trying to do anything different other than based on what the score is and what it tells you to do,” Fickell said.

“Don’t think twice about it. It’s not a negative thing. It’s just, hey, based on the score of the game and the time that’s left, the book says to go for two.”

However, Fickell delved deeper into the decision, pointing to Purdue’s offensive success late in the game, which prompted the Badgers to try and find advantages where they could, which included extending their lead to three touchdowns.

“But the way they were moving the football, we had to be smart about what is we’re doing,” Fickell said. “I thought they did a really good job at moving the ball.”

“We did some good things at making some stops there in the red zone and getting a couple turnovers, but it never felt like, hey, we’re in good shape. So, we had to kind of go by the book.”

The Badgers were ultimately able to keep it a three-score game at the end, as Purdue had a turnover on downs on their ensuing drive, but not before driving down to the Wisconsin 16-yard line.

After the 38-17 win, the Badgers now head into their bye week, which is followed by consecutive home games against Rutgers and Iowa.