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Badgers’ Tanner Mordecai excited for first Big Ten play, looking to start faster

The Badgers quarterback is sensing the need for urgency as Big Ten play starts.

The Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Georgia Southern Eagles in Week 3 35-14, improving to 2-1 ahead of Big Ten play, which starts with the Purdue Boilermakers on the road on Friday.

On Tuesday, I spoke with quarterback Tanner Mordecai, who stressed the need for urgency offensively, especially after another slow start in Week 3.

Approaching his first Big Ten game, Mordecai shared some excitement, with the opportunity coming under the Friday Night Lights in West Lafayette this weekend.

QB Tanner Mordecai

Here’s everything quarterback Tanner Mordecai had to say ahead of Week 4.

Here’s what Mordecai had to say immediately after the win on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium.