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Badgers coach a favorite to replace Mel Tucker as HC at Michigan State

A certain Badgers coach is seen as a favorite to become the next head coach at Michigan State.

The NCAA saw a whirlwind of reactions on Monday, as the Michigan State Spartans announced their intentions of firing head coach Mel Tucker, with athletic director Alan Haller sharing that a letter has been sent serving notice.

Tucker, who is expected to be fired for cause, was in the midst of a ten-year, $95 million contract, but will not see the remainder of the money left on his deal.

Longtime assistant Harlon Barnett has already been elevated to the interim role, but the Spartans have a big question to answer, which likely comes following the 2023 season: who will be their next coach?

Badgers fans may want to look away at the odds, as defensive coordinator Mike Tressel is amongst the favorites to replace Tucker as the next head coach of the Spartans. released their odds for the next Michigan State head coach, and Tressel ranks second, just behind the incumbent Barnett, as the likeliest possibility.

Tressel, a defensive coordinator under Luke Fickell dating back to their Cincinnati days, is a well-known figure at Michigan State, having been there under the same role for two seasons.

Tressel was with the Spartans, however, for 14 years, initially coming on as the linebackers coach from 2007-2019, while also serving as the special teams coordinator through his first eight years.

The longtime coach tacked on the defensive coordinator tag in 2018, but was the co-defensive coordinator since 2016.

Tressel has been a confidant of Fickell since 2021, when he moved back to Cincinnati as the defensive coordinator alongside safeties coach Colin Hitschler, although the two have known each other since 2002, when the duo coached at Ohio State together.

Could the Badgers lose a top coach next season to a head coaching gig?