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WATCH: Badgers S Hunter Wohler on stellar start, defensive struggles, and more

Hear what Hunter Wohler had to say after the loss.

The Wisconsin Badgers lost in disappointing fashion to the Washington State Cougars 31-22 last Saturday, pumping the brakes on the hype that had spread throughout the program following an exciting offseason.

After a solid initial performance, the defense struggled early in Week 2, and the Badgers fell behind 24-9 at halftime, which proved to be a lead too large to overcome.

However, safety Hunter Wohler continued his strong play from Week 1, starring as one of the better Badgers defensively, although there are still a few places to improve.

On Tuesday, I spoke with Wohler, who recapped the disappointing loss and looked ahead to Week 3.

S Hunter Wohler

Here’s everything safety Hunter Wohler had to say ahead of Week 3.

The Badgers face off against the Georgia Southern Eagles in Week 3, looking to get back on track ahead of conference play.