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Despite loss, Badgers QB Tanner Mordecai improved in Week 2

The Badgers quarterback improved in Week 2, but the team lost in a disappointing road game.

Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Tanner Mordecai had a shaky Week 1 performance, although the team comfortably won over the Buffalo Bulls 38-17.

The opposite occurred in Week 2, as Mordecai improved, but the Badgers started slow, leading to a 31-22 loss on the road to the Washington State Cougars.

Still, the offensive flashes were present, showcasing what the offense could potentially be once everything begins to click.

“Yeah, I think we didn’t start as fast as we wanted to. We had a good start to the second half and didn’t finish like I expect to. But I think it was kind of a glimpse of what this offense can be,” Mordecai said. “I think we’re close to really blowing the top off and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later. But I have all the trust in these guys and these coaches that will be a good offense.”

Those flashes were specifically present in the second half, where the Badgers scored 13 unanswered points to pull back within two.

Mordecai, a sixth-year quarterback, showcased his resilience in the third quarter with the Badgers resurging back, relaying the message that the switch can be flipped at halftime if needed.

“You got to focus on that or you got to realize that football is two halves, games are not one in the first half and there’s a lot of football to be played when you go into halftime. So that’s kind of something I focused on and kind of relayed to the guys, not worry about it,” Mordecai said. “Let’s focus on what we can do second half and come out fast and hot.”

In Week 2, Mordecai was more aggressive, leading to 12 downfield shots of 15+ yard, of which the quarterback completed four.

“I think they challenged us, the defense, and pushing the ball downfield is kind of our answer. [I looked to] take what defense gives me,” Mordecai said. “[Pushing the ball downfield] was good. I mean, those guys made some plays, gave them a chance to go make a play and that’s what they do. So I was really proud of how they played, especially down the field.”

Still, the quarterback missed on a number of deep plays, which is an area of improvement as the Badgers pivot to Week 3.

“I don’t think I felt a bunch of pressure. They challenged us in the box and getting good numbers there, the way they fit the run. So I think that was kind of our answer was go downfield,” Mordecai said. “I wish I had a higher completion of balls down the field, which we’re going to get better at, but I don’t think I felt the pressure.”

Now, the focus goes towards Week 3, where Mordecai is looking to get back on track and secure a win at home.

“I think these teams need to get back on track,” Mordecai said. “I think Coach’s message was just go back to work. Work usually works. And that’s just kind of our focus, is let’s not dwell on something that’s already happened in the weekend, last weekend, and move on.”

The Badgers take on the Georgia Southern Eagles in Week 3 at Camp Randall Stadium, looking to get another win on the board before conference play starts the following week.