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Badgers fall out of AP Top 25 in Week 3

The Wisconsin Badgers have fallen out of the Top 25 after a loss to Washington State.

The A.P. Poll for Week 3 has been released, and the Wisconsin Badgers have fallen out of the Top 25 after a 31-22 loss to Washington State, who moved from unranked to No. 23 in the rankings.

Here are the full A.P. Poll rankings for Week 3, with first-place votes listed in parentheses.

1. Georgia (55)

2. Michigan (2)

3. Florida State (3)

4. Texas(2)

5. USC

6. Ohio State

7. Penn State

8. Washington

9. Notre Dame

10. Alabama

11. Tennessee

12. Utah

13. Oregon

14. LSU

15. Kansas State

16. Oregon State

17. Ole Miss

18. Colorado

19. Oklahoma

20. North Carolina

21. Duke

22. Miami

23. Washington State

24. UCLA

25. Iowa

Other schools receiving votes

Clemson 86, Arkansas 33, TCU 19, Kansas 19, Tulane 17, Wisconsin 10, Mississippi State 5, Kentucky 5, Cincinnati 3, Minnesota 3, Fresno State 2, Wyoming 1, James Madison 1, Oklahoma State 1, Maryland 1

Up and Down

Texas was the biggest riser, jumping seven spots to No. 4 after a resounding win over No. 3 Alabama, who slid down to No. 10.

Elsewhere, Colorado continued to jump up, moving to No. 18 after a 36-14 win over Nebraska, while Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Tulane, and Clemson all fell out of the rankings.


The Wisconsin Badgers stint in the AP Top 25 to begin the season was short-lived, as the team fell out altogether following a 31-22 loss to the Washington State Cougars in Week 2.

Coming into the week at No. 19, the Badgers had a chance to potentially improve their ranking with a win over a tough Cougars team, but ultimately slid the other way, getting outplayed in a disappointing loss on the road.

In Week 1, the Badgers won comfortably, but didn't look as dominant as expected, which is why they were jumped by multiple teams in a week of movement.

Now, in Week 2, the Badgers have fallen out altogether, and will face an uphill climb going forward to cement themselves as a Top 25 team, although an easier schedule could aid their efforts to reach the polls again.