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The likeliest bowl game for the Badgers this season

Where will the Badgers be finishing their season in 2023?

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The Wisconsin Badgers are ready for their highly-anticipated 2023 season where they’ll look to avenge the disappointments that thwarted their 2022 year and rebound to a potential Big Ten conference championship game.

While the hype is certainly there around the Badgers, there is a wide range of outcomes that could occur, leaving a number of potential bowl games that Wisconsin could play at the end of the season.

What are the likeliest bowl games for the Badgers in 2023?

Looking across the board, here are the projections from top media outlets for the Badgers’ bowl game possibilities:

ESPN: Cheez-It Citrus Bowl(Wisconsin vs. Tennessee)

247 Sports: Cheez-It Citrus Bowl(Wisconsin vs. Tennessee)

CBS Sports: Cheez-It Citrus Bowl(Wisconsin vs. Tennessee)

Action Network: Cheez-It Citrus Bowl(Wisconsin vs. Tennessee)

I’m starting to sense a slight pattern here.

The Badgers are heavily favored to reach the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl, universally seen as the top bowl game outside of the New Years Six, which has been an SEC vs. Big Ten battle in each of the last five years.

Last season, Purdue, the Big Ten West winner, advanced to the Citrus Bowl, where they faced No. 16 LSU, and ultimately lost 63-7.

In Tennessee, the Badgers are facing the projected SEC East winners, and the path to earning a Citrus Bowl invite could be the losers of the two conference championship games, as has been in the past, unless multiple teams from either conference make the playoff.