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Badgers start at No. 19 in AP Top 25

The Badgers have their ranking in the first AP Top 25 poll of the year.

The Wisconsin Badgers slotted in at No. 19 on the first Associated Press Top 25 poll of the year.

The Badgers have bounced back to earn a spot on the list after failing to crack the rankings for the majority of last season, in which they ended 7-6.

However, after the hiring of new head coach Luke Fickell, which precluded a bevy of high-end transfers to Wisconsin, the Badgers have found themselves within the confines of the list once again, starting the year at No. 19.

In the Big Ten, the Badgers are ahead of Iowa(No. 25), while slotting behind Penn State(No. 7), Ohio State(No. 3), and Michigan(No. 2).

Minnesota and Illinois were the two other Big Ten teams to earn votes, albeit six for the former and three for the latter.

Here are the full Top 25 rankings and the votes each received:

No. 1: Georgia(1,572)

No. 2: Michigan(1,490)

No. 3:Ohio State(1,400)

No. 4: Alabama(1,398)

No. 5: LSU(1,276)

No. 6: USC(1,245)

No. 7: Penn State(1,177)

No. 8: Florida State(1,147)

No. 9: Clemson(1,032)

No. 10: Washington(977)

No. 11: Texas(882)

No. 12: Tennessee(868)

No. 13: Notre Dame(863)

No. 14: Utah(811)

No. 15: Oregon(732)

No. 16: Kansas State(501)

No. 17: TCU(416)

No. 18: Oregon State(406)

No. 19: Wisconsin(386)

No. 20: Oklahoma(296)

No. 21: North Carolina(292)

No. 22: Mississippi(281)

No. 23: Texas A&M(227)

No. 24: Tulane(224)

No. 25: Iowa(131)