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Badgers RB Braelon Allen reveals context behind Michigan transfer rumors

Was the Badgers running back ever considering moving to a Big Ten rival?

The Wisconsin Badgers underwent an eventful final month of their 2022-2023 season, headlined by the head coaching hire of Luke Fickell following the team’s last game, and the choice of program legend Jim Leonhard to leave after the bowl game.

However, an underrepresented storyline, in the mix of all the news, was the transfer rumors around running back Braelon Allen, with rumors sharing that he could potentially leave for the Michigan Wolverines or the USC Trojans.

How much of that story was really true?

The Badgers running back was front and center at the Big Ten Media Day on Thursday, where he was asked about the validity of the rumors and shared his side of the story.

“I was just confused by it because I wasn’t sure where that even sprouted up from, but I try not to pay too much mind to it,” Allen said. “It’s kind of annoying, just because we had played at Iowa. We lost and like, my whole postgame press conference was about these transfer rumors. And like, I don’t even know where you guys got this from. And we just lost like, I’m trying to get on the bus and go home.”

Despite the noise, Allen’s mind didn't waver, as he knew Wisconsin was the place for him, even following the coaching change and the hiring of offensive coordinator Phil Longo, who has been known for his “Air Raid” attack.

“[The situation] was weird. But obviously, I always wanted to be at Wisconsin. And I just had to make sure that when the season was over I had to make sure that it was going to be the right decision for me,” Allen said.

Following speculation at the end of last season, Allen himself took to social media to shut down the rumors of a potential transfer, taking a jab at his rival school in an Instagram post.

Now, Allen’s focus leans towards the 2023 season, which may be his last in a Badger uniform, and the running back will be counted upon to lead the team to a Big Ten Championship Game, and potentially even more.