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Badgers to host three NBC games, including primetime vs Ohio State

Here’s the Badgers primetime schedule for 2023.

The Wisconsin Badgers are set to host three games on NBC, according to The Action Network’s Brett McMurphy, with two coming on primetime.

NBC announced their Big Ten schedule for 2023, which includes 12 games for the 12 weeks of the year, with the Badgers being featured in three of the outings.

Wisconsin takes on Iowa at 3:30 P.M. on October 14th at Camp Randall Stadium before hosting primetime games against Ohio State and Nebraska on October 28th and November 18th, respectively. Both will be played at 7:30 P.M.

The Big Ten is currently scheduled to host the most games of any conference on broadcast television this season with 34, and that’s expected to increase next season to at least 45.

The Badgers are one of the hotter commodities in the conference after the hiring of Luke Fickell and now will be put to the test under the biggest lights with three primetime games this season.

At three games, the Badgers are tied with Purdue and Iowa for the second-most NBC games in the conference, trailing only Michigan State, who will be spotlighted on four.