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Wisconsin Football schedule: Badgers face tough Big Ten slate in 2024, 2025

The Badgers will host Alabama and visit both USC and Michigan in 2024.

The Big Ten released the matchups for the 2024 football season on Thursday afternoon. With the addition of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, it meant the conference needed to eliminate divisions and change its scheduling format.

The Big Ten decided to use a “flex protect plus” schedule, meaning Big Ten schools would have up to three protected rivalry games every season. The Badgers were given both Iowa and Minnesota as expected, but their Freedom Trophy game against Nebraska will not be played every season.

The Wisconsin Badgers will play the following opponents in 2024:

8/31: vs Western Michigan

9/7: vs South Dakota

9/14: vs Alabama

In no specific order:

@ Iowa

@ Maryland

@ Michigan

@ Nebraska


vs Indiana

vs Minnesota

vs Penn State

vs Purdue

They will also play the following opponents in 2025:

8/30: vs Miami (Ohio)

9/6: vs Middle Tennessee

9/13 @ Alabama

In no specific order:

@ Minnesota

@ Northwestern

@ Rutgers


vs Illinois

vs Iowa

vs Michigan State

vs Ohio State

vs USC

As seen above, the Badgers are in for an extremely difficult schedule both in 2024 and 2025.

It wasn’t a surprise seeing the Big Ten gave the Badgers the trip out west to USC in 2024. The conference tried to schedule its largest programs to make trips to Los Angeles right away.

In 2024, the schedule is highlighted by home games against Alabama, Penn State, and Minnesota and road games at USC, Michigan, and Iowa. They will also play Nebraska in 2024 on the road, but will not play them in 2025.

The 2025 schedule is highlighted by home games including USC, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Iowa as well as road games at UCLA and Alabama.

These will likely be two of the toughest schedules in Badgers history, but Luke Fickell knew what he signed himself up for. The Badgers will have their best chance at making a Big Ten Championship Game appearance this year before they face the daunting schedules in 2024 and 2025.