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2023 NFL Draft: Wisconsin Badgers OL Joe Tippmann scouting report

Following a stellar Badger career, Joe Tippmann is headed to continue the Wisconsin OL legacy in the NFL.


Height: 6060

Weight: 313 pounds

40-yard dash: N/A

Vertical jump: N/A

Broad jump: N/A

Short shuttle: N/A

Three-cone drill: N/A

Bench press: N/A

Tippmann did not participate in any drills at the NFL Combine or at Wisconsin’s Pro Day due to an injury. Tippmann had his Pro Day on Friday, April 7th in Madison.

Strengths: Possesses prototypical size for the position. Shows the ability to bend and regain leverage as a taller center. Has above average movement skills for the position. Shows the strength in the run game to displace defenders off of the line of scrimmage. Shows good hand usage in the run game to protect his chest and win inside hands. Just as adept in zone schemes as gap schemes. Lauded for his football intelligence.

Weaknesses: In pass protection, he has the tendency to lean at times as the play goes on, can improve his pass pro posture.

Summary: Tippmann projects as a plus-level starter at center in the NFL. He has the strength as well as the athletic ability to perform any assignment you ask of him - as shown by UW asking to pull often as a center (very hard to do)! He’ll assimilate quickly to an NFL locker room and offensive line room due to his football intelligence and maturity. His multiplicity in the run game should allow him access to every team, as he’s not scheme dependent in any capacity.

Ideal Scheme Fit: Due to his athleticism and strength, Tippmann fits well in any scheme, though gap schemes allow him to pull and add an extra gap to exterior run plays, which stresses defenses greatly. A multiple run game would optimize his abilities, but he fits in any scheme.

Projected Round: Late Round 2- Early Round 4