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WATCH: Badgers QBs on competition, OC Phil Longo, and more

Nearly the entire quarterback room spoke to the media for the first time on Wednesday.

The Wisconsin Badgers quarterback room has been at the forefront of the turnover this offseason, as head coach Luke Fickell landed well-respected offensive coordinator Phil Longo, which brought in three transfer quarterbacks to the program: SMU’s Tanner Mordecai, Mississippi State’s Braedyn Locke, and Oklahoma’s Nick Evers.

Each of the different quarterbacks has experienced their unique paths in the offseason, which has led to an intriguing position group that includes redshirt freshmen Myles Burkett and Marshall Howe.

Each of the five quarterbacks listed above spoke with the media on Wednesday for the first time this spring, detailing conversations with Longo, the competition at the position, emerging leaders, and more.

Tanner Mordecai

Braedyn Locke

Marshall Howe

Nick Evers

Myles Burkett