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Badgers TE medically retiring from football

The Badgers are losing one of their tight ends to a medical retirement.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin Badgers tight end Jack Pugh is medically retiring from football, he announced on Instagram Monday.

Pugh, a redshirt junior, revealed that his decision to medically retire came before the season, which is why the tight end was an inactive for every game this past season.

Here’s the message that the Badgers tight end shared to Instagram.

“To whom it may concern, I made a decision before the football season to medically retire, that I haven’t formally announced. My physical health was not near perfect, but my mental health was the reason I decided to hang it up. Over years of prolonged depression and substance abuse, I decided I deserved a better life and to finally deserve happiness. In no way was football the root of my problems, but everything in my life had distracted me for so long to the point I never had prioritized my mental health all along, digging a deeper, darker hole. I want to thank the amazing Coaches, Teammates, Friends and Family Badger Football has provided me with over the years for helping me find a life I’m happy and proud of, and to finally create a relationship with God. I’ll never forget the memories. Love y’all.”

With Pugh’s medical retirement, an already thin position group becomes even thinner for the Badgers, who will likely look to add additional reinforcements at some point.