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Badgers make a few key changes in Week 11 depth chart vs. Northwestern

What did the Badgers change in their Week 11 depth chart?

Following a tough 20-14 loss on the road to the Indiana Hoosiers, the Wisconsin Badgers will return home for a Week 11 matchup against the Northwestern Wildcats, who are coming off a 10-7 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Heading into Week 11, the Badgers stand at 5-4, going 3-3 in conference play, while the Wildcats hold a 4-5 record, going 2-4 in conference play.

Here’s the Week 11 depth chart for the Badgers.

Looking at the depth chart, while there a majority remains the same for this week, there are some key changes.

The first has to do with the center position, as Jake Renfro has re-entered the two-deep for the first time since his injury, replacing backup offensive lineman Dylan Barrett.

The move suggests that Renfro is on track for a potential return, and could see playing time at some point, which head coach Luke Fickell has inferred is a goal for the team.

Additionally, at cornerback, Nyzier Fourqueran has replaced Alexander Smith as a starter, which is a move we’ve seen on the field over the last two weeks.

The move doesn’t really mean much, as the two still split a majority of the cornerback reps every two series, but it appears Fourqueran has crept up the pecking order after Smith’s struggles against Illinois.

Last week, with Chimere Dike injured, we saw Vinny Anthony get the primary kick and punt return reps, with true freshman Trech Kekahuna earning some special-teams opportunities as well.

Also, true freshman Jonas Duclona saw a brief period of action against Indiana, although he was pulled after giving up a catch.

With the season coming closer to an end, the Badgers may continue testing out their younger players with more playing time, taking a look at guys before the offseason.

Stay tuned for the latest coverage ahead of Wisconsin’s Week 11 game!