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Badgers defense: Snap counts vs. Minnesota in Week 13

Here are the snap counts for the Badgers defense in Week 13.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Minnesota Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

The Wisconsin Badgers ended their season with a 28-14 victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers, taking back the Axe Trophy for the first time in three seasons, while improving to 7-5.

It was a run-heavy day for the Badgers offensively, while the defense was able to bounce back from a slow start to shutout Minnesota in the second half.

Here are the offensive snap counts from Wisconsin’s Week 13 win.

Defensive Line

James Thompson Jr.: 38 snaps

Rodas Johnson: 32 snaps

Curt Neal: 24 snaps

Ben Barten: 24 snaps

Gio Paez: 23 snaps

Cade McDonald: 15 snaps

Darian Varner: 1 snap

Outside Linebackers

C.J Goetz: 54 snaps

Darryl Peterson: 44 snaps

Jeff Pietrowski Jr.: 18 snaps

Kaden Johnson: 2 snaps

Inside Linebackers

Jordan Turner: 58 snaps

Jake Chaney: 50 snaps

Maema Njongmeta: 30 snaps

Christian Alliegro: 9 snaps


Ricardo Hallman: 62 snaps

Nyzier Fourqurean: 61 snaps

Jason Maitre: 31 snaps


Hunter Wohler: 62

Preston Zachman: 37 snaps

Austin Brown: 24 snaps

Kamoi Latu: 6 snaps

Looking at some quick takeaways, Curt Neal took the most snaps of any defensive tackle for the Badgers at 24.

Elsewhere, the Badgers seemed to be in their base package more often, as Maema Njongmeta earned more snaps than last week, while cornerback Jason Maitre had a much lower snap count.