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Badgers offense: Snap counts vs. Minnesota in Week 13

Here are the snap counts for the Badgers offense in Week 13.

The Wisconsin Badgers ended their season with a 28-14 victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers, taking back the Axe Trophy for the first time in three seasons, while improving to 7-5.

It was a run-heavy day for the Badgers offensively, while the defense was able to bounce back from a slow start to shutout Minnesota in the second half.

Here are the offensive snap counts from Wisconsin’s Week 13 win.


Tanner Mordecai: 67 snaps

Running Back

Braelon Allen: 51 snaps

Cade Yacamelli: 16 snaps

Wide Receiver

Vinny Anthony : 64 snaps

Chimere Dike: 54 snaps

Will Pauling: 50 snaps

Skyler Bell: 22 snaps

Quincy Burroughs: 11 snaps

C.J. Williams: 2 snaps

Tight End

Hayden Rucci: 25 snaps

Riley Nowakowski: 24 snaps

Tucker Ashcraft: 16 snaps

Offensive Line

Tanor Bortolini: 67 snaps

Riley Mahlman: 67 snaps

Jack Nelson: 67 snaps

Michael Furtney: 67 snaps

Joe Huber: 67 snaps

Looking at some quick takeaways, the Badgers used Cade Yacamelli as the No. 2 running back as Jackson Acker did not play on Saturday.

At receiver, Vinny Anthony was the leader in playing time, taking over Bryson Green’s role on the outside, while Chimere Dike and Will Pauling resumed their normal roles.

A notable name was C.J. Williams, who saw a limited number of snaps for the second consecutive week, despite the Badgers missing a starting receiver.