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Badgers defense: Snap counts vs. Nebraska in Week 12

Here are the snap counts for the Badgers defense in Week 12.

The Wisconsin Badgers snapped a three-game losing streak with a 24-17 overtime win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers, gaining bowl eligibility and winning the Freedom Trophy.

Here are the defensive snap counts from Wisconsin’s Week 12 win.

Defensive Line

James Thompson Jr.: 30 snaps

Rodas Johnson: 31 snaps

Gio Paez: 30 snaps

Curt Neal: 21 snaps

Ben Barten: 19 snaps

Cade McDonald: 13 snaps

Darian Varner: 9 snaps

Outside Linebackers

C.J Goetz: 53 snaps

Darryl Peterson: 42 snaps

Jeff Pietrowski Jr.: 16 snaps

Kade Johnson: 2 snaps

Inside Linebackers

Jordan Turner: 58 snaps

Jake Chaney: 56 snaps

Maema Njongmeta: 11 snaps

Christian Alliegro: 9 snaps


Ricardo Hallman: 67 snaps

Jason Maitre: 67 snaps

Nyzier Fourqurean: 48 snaps

Alexander Smith: 20 snaps


Austin Brown: 63 snaps

Preston Zachman: 50 snaps

Hunter Wohler: 33 snaps

Kamo’i Latu: 7 snaps

Travion Blaylock: 2 snaps

Stay tuned for the snap count breakdown following Wisconsin’s Week 13 bout against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.