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Instant reaction to the Badgers 24-17 win over Nebraska

The Badgers turned things around by winning the Freedom Trophy over Nebraska on Saturday.

The Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers in a 24-17 overtime victory, finally earning bowl eligibility with their sixth win of the season and winning the Freedom Trophy once again.

It had been a tough stretch for the Badgers, who had lost three consecutive games prior to Saturday’s victory, which led to warranted frustrations from players last weekend.

While it wasn’t always pretty, it was a gutsy performance from the Badgers, who fought valiantly for over 60 minutes while relying on their leaders in the victory.

Offensively, the Badgers saw significant effort from Tanner Mordecai and Braelon Allen, while Will Pauling led the way with eight catches for 79 yards on 11 targets, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the team’s receiving yards.

Defensively, the Badgers overcame a slow start by coming up with a key fourth down stop that was the game-changing play, and played well through the rest of the game, holding Nebraska to just three points over the last three quarters.

Following the game, Badgers insider Rohan Chakravarthi shared his instant reaction to the 24-17 win, reacting to the win and pointing out the major takeaways of the game.

You can see our three quick takeaways from the game here.

Next week, the Badgers will finish off their season by trying to reclaim the Axe in a road matchup with the Minnesota Golden Gophers, who have yet to claim bowl eligibility after losing 37-3 to Ohio State this weekend.

Can the Badgers reclaim the Axe, or will they end their season on a sour note?