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What Badgers DC Mike Tressel said about the team’s defense through 8 weeks

Mike Tressel spoke with the media for the first time all season this week.

The Wisconsin Badgers are set to host the Ohio State Buckeyes in Week 9, with much on the line against arguably their toughest opponent of the season.

Defensively, the Badgers have battled personnel changes while trying to find the best fit for their current group of players, moving away from their dollar package at the beginning of the season to more of a 2-4-5 look, adding an extra player in the box.

For the first time this season, defensive coordinator Phil Longo spoke with the media, breaking down what he’s seen from his group through the first half of the season.

Here’s everything that Tressel said ahead of the Badgers’ bout against Ohio State.

Tressel has looked to implement his heralded defense, but has made some adjustments, as the Badgers have different strengths with their personnel.

As a result, there have been some ups and downs defensively.

But, the Badgers are still 5-2 heading into Week 9, although their defense will likely have to play to near perfection to keep up with Ohio State.