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Badgers offense: Snap counts vs. Illinois in Week 8

Here are the snap counts for the Badgers offense in Week 8.

The Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Illinois Fighting Illini in a 25-21 thriller, thanks to a game-winning touchdown drive with under a minute remaining to improve to 5-2 on the season.

Here are the offensive snap counts from Wisconsin’s Week 8 win.


Braeydn Locke: 78 snaps

Running Backs

Braelon Allen: 72 snaps

Jackson Acker: 6 snaps

Wide Receiver

Chimere Dike: 71 snaps

Will Pauling: 61 snaps

Bryson Green: 57 snaps

Skyler Bell: 29 snaps

C.J Williams: 24 snaps

Tight End

Riley Nowakowski: 37 snaps

Hayden Rucci: 33 snaps

Tucker Ashcraft: 3 snaps

Offensive Line

Tanor Bortolini: 78 snaps

Riley Mahlman: 78 snaps

Jack Nelson: 78 snaps

Joe Huber: 78 snaps

Michael Furtney: 78 snaps

Nolan Rucci: 1 snap

Stay tuned for the snap count breakdown following Wisconsin’s Week 9 bout against Ohio State!