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Week 8: Big Ten Weekend Preview

Check out the latest with the Big Ten in Week 8.

Welcome to the greatest weekend preview ever created.

This week, we have a great slate of football coming our way and I have the exact order you should be prioritizing these games in. Especially if you are just a Big Ten fan and don’t have a particular team you are tied to. Let’s jump in.

1. Penn State at Ohio State, 11:00 AM on FOX (Ohio State -4.5)

This is the best Big Ten game we have had to this point in the season.

Penn State and Ohio State are both undefeated to this point and appear to both be capable of reaching the college football playoff this year. Ohio State has been the most tested to this point with wins over Notre Dame and Maryland while Penn State has beaten West Virginia and Iowa.

I have been high on Penn State to this point, but I wonder if Ohio State’s skill players push the scales in their favor for this game. Everyone should be watching this one on Saturday morning.

2. Minnesota at Iowa, 2:30 PM on FOX (Iowa -3.5)

This one is for the sickos. Right now, the over/under is set at 31 points which is the lowest in the last 20 years. Neither of these teams have particularly good offenses which should make for a massive punt fest.

After last week, I am not sure how Iowa loses that sort of battle. On the other hand, Wisconsin needs Minnesota to win this one. Either way, it’s worth your time on Saturday.

3. Wisconsin at Illinois, 2:30 PM on FS1 (Wisconsin -2.5)

The only reason you should turn this game on is if you are a fan of Wisconsin or Illinois.

Otherwise, Iowa and Minnesota may be a better game to watch. It’s critical that the Badgers get back on track in this one but it won’t be easy. Illinois is coming off a nice win over Maryland last week. It’s going to be another uncomfortable one for Badger fans.

Check out all of our coverage over at our home site.

4. Michigan at Michigan State, 6:30 PM on NBC (Michigan -24)

Unfortunately, this is our primetime matchup for the week. Penn State and Ohio State should be, but the Big Noon kickoff is the worst.

Anyway, Michigan is going to win this easily. They are the best team in the conference and probably in the discussion for the best team in the nation. Some of that could be because they allegedly stole some signs from other teams but most of it is because they are actually just really good.

5. Northwestern at Nebraska, 2:30 PM on BTN (Nebraska - 11.5)

No one here is going to watch this game but Nebraska needs this one to help them get to bowl-eligible.

Northwestern, on the other hand, has exceeded my expectations for the year and can probably coast from here on out…but if they decide to win this one, I would be all over the Nebraska meltdown that would ensue.

6. Rutgers at Indiana, 11:00 AM on BTN (Rutgers -5)

This line feels kind of tight?

I think Rutgers is better than Indiana by more than 5 points. Either way, I wouldn’t turn this game on. Indiana is bad and Rutgers is very mid.

See you all next week!