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Only 37% of Badgers fans are satisfied with DC Mike Tressel through six weeks

The Badgers defensive coordinator doesn’t seem to have many fans yet in Madison.

The Wisconsin Badgers are off to a 4-1 start to their 2023 season which involves an undefeated record in conference play heading into Week 7, where they face off against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Through five weeks, Badgers fans have seen glimpses of the team’s new-look offense and defense, with the former seeming like the stronger part of the team thus far.

New offensive coordinator Phil Longo and defensive coordinator Mike Tressel have attempted to implement their schemes with Wisconsin’s current personnel, altering some of their plans to conform to the current roster.

Defensively, that's led to some ups and downs, although Wisconsin’s Week 6 performance against Rutgers was the best of their season on that side of the ball.

That leads us to the question: has Mike Tressel done a good job this season?

In our weekly Badgers Reacts survey, we asked fans the question, and the response was not ideal: only 37% of Wisconsin fans have been satisfied with Mike Tressel this season.

Tressel faces a different challenge against run-first Iowa in Week 7, where he could implement a similar approach to the Week 6 gameplan that effectively shut down Rutgers on the ground, kicking off a strong second half of the season.

While Wisconsin’s personnel doesn't appear to be the best fit for Tressel’s defensive scheme, the Badgers are hoping for better results on that end, especially with Ohio State coming to town in two weeks.